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TELCOMA Global has been providing 5G online certification courses since 2009. Prime membership has a collection of 160+ 6G, 5G, 4G-LTE courses along with certifications.

Following is the list of 5G online courses offered as a part of prime membership telecom. All courses are available 24×7 for a lifetime. All courses come with unlimited access with 99.9% availability delivered by redundant cloud hosting. Live training is also offered by industry experts. More information at –

All 5G Trainings offered are planned as to help engineers get a new job or job change.

160+ Online 5G courses

15G NR Wireless Access Technology
25G Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Introduction Course
35G Hardware
46G Technology
55G Deep Dive – A crash course
65G Optimization
75G Technology Fundamentals
85G Planning
9CCNA 200-301 (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
105G Core Network (5GC)
11LTE Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide to 4G Networks
125G Technology
13Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) for 5G & LTE
14NB-IoT (LTE IoT)
154G LTE Optimization
16LTE for Industry Professionals
17Vo5G (Voice over 5G)
185G Architecture Model and Concepts
194G LTE Planning
205G Security Architecture & Procedures
215G Interworking & Migration
224G LTE Advanced and Advanced Pro
23VoLTE Optimization
24LTE Call Flow with Wireshark
25Private LTE
265G Charging and CDR
274G LTE – EPC (Evolved Packet Core)
28SDN Fundamentals
29NFV and VNF Fundamentals
30MININET: Network Emulator for SDN
314G LTE Advanced
32IoT in 5G
33Cellular V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything)
34Migration to 5G and the Deployment
35TETRA system for Mobile Wireless Communications
365G NR (New Radio)
375G NGC – Next Generation Core
385G Introduction
39LTE Advanced Pro
40EMF and 5G
415G Air Interface
425G Security Aspects
435G Protocols
445G Connection, Registration and Mobility Management Procedures
455G Frequency Bands
46SDN (Software-Defined Networking)
47NFV (Network functions virtualization)
483GPP LPWA Standards: LTE-M, NB-IoT & EC-GSM
49D2D : 5G Device-to-device communication
504G LTE Fundamentals
515G Testing
525G System Design
535G Deployment & Transport Network
545G M2M: Machine to Machine Communications
555G Applications and Use Cases
565G Radio Access Technologies
57Massive MIMO and mmWave
58VoLTE – Voice over LTE
59Green and Soft RAN for 5G
605G and 4G-LTE Telecom Training – A Crash Course
625G Network Security
635G Mobile Edge Computing & Fog Computing
643G Fundamentals
65Cellular Mobile Communication (2G,3G,4G,5G) – A Crash Course
66Machine Learning and Data Science Essentials with Python & R
67AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
68Public Safety LTE (PS-LTE)
69Big Data Hadoop
70GSM Fundamentals
715G Network Slicing
72IOT: Internet of Things
73Microwave Basics
744G LTE Drive Test
753G Optimization
76MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
77VoIP – Voice Over IP
78GSM Optimization
79Cloud Computing: The Complete Course
805G Programmability and softwarization
813G Planning
82GSM Planning
83Optical Networking
855G Technology Enablers
86HetNets and Small Cells
884G LTE / LTE-Advanced Wireless Mobile Communications
89Introduction to BSS
90Calculation of Spectrum Requirements
91Machine Learning with Python: The Complete Course
92Deep Learning: An Introduction
93CompTIA Network+ The Complete Course
94Tableau Hands-on: Learn Data Visualization with Tableau 10
95Matlab – The Complete Course
96Excel – A Step by Step Complete Course
97Testing with TTCN-3
98Cyber Security Crash Course for Beginners: Learn From Scratch
99Framework for upcoming networks
100Smart Cities
101Digital Image Processing using MATLAB
102UAVs for Wireless Networks: Drone Communications
103IPv6: Internet Protocol version 6
104Standardization Bodies in Telecommunications
105Computer Network Basics
106Data Communication Fundamentals
107Internetworking and Routing
109FTTx Networks
110Juniper Contrail: SDN-enabled management and control software
111DOCSIS 3.1 – Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
112Satellite Communication
113WiFi Offload for LTE
115WiFi 6 (802.11ax): The sixth generation of Wi-Fi
116IPTV: Internet Protocol television
117Broadband Network Services
118SIP – Session Initiation Protocol
119RF Basics and Components (for students)
120DMR – Digital Mobile Radio
121DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite | Second Generation)
122DAS – Distributed Antenna System
123Basic Electronics (For Students)
124TETRA Security
125Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer
126Cisco Packet Tracer
127RF Awareness
128IBS (In-Building Solution)
129CBRS – Citizens Broadband Radio Service
130OSHA 10
131OSHA 30
132First Aid
133OSS/BSS (Operations/Business Support System)
134Band Planning
135EMS (Element Management System)
1365G SA (StandAlone) Deployment
1375G NSA (Non-StandAlone) Deployment
1385G RAN Virtualization
139Wi-Fi 6E (WiFi 6E)
140SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network)
141Open RAN
142O-RAN (ORAN for 5G)
143vRAN for 5G
144Release 17 – 3GPP
145SON (Self-Organizing Networks)
146Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC)
147Terrestrial Radio Interfaces of 5G
1485G Policy Control (5G PCF)
1495G Radio Network Planning
150ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform)
1516G, 5G, 4G White Papers
1525G Performance Parameters (Recorded session)
1535G Wireline Access
1545G Performance optimisation
1555G and Beyond Technologies
1565G Physical Layer (5G PHY)
1575G NR REDCAP (Reduced Capability New Radio)
1593GPP Rel-18
160DECT-2020 NR
161DECT-2020 Radio transmission and reception
162DECT-2020 NR system Architecture
163Minimization of Drive testing
164Zero touch networks and service management

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