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Introduction to 5G microcell

5G microcell is the latest product from Huawei. It’s a tiny, dedicated radio base station with an integrated antenna and small form factor of only one cubic meter that delivers 5G grid coverage and 5G outdoor layer2 network connectivity to 5G devices. 5G microcell is a state-of-the-art outdoor wireless access point that increases capacity up to 10 times and improves the speed of existing 4G LTE networks in areas where there are large numbers of mobile devices. The 5G microcell operates in the unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum, enabling deployment in the same location as existing Wi-Fi. The 5G Microcell is a femtocell device that can support both 2G/3G and 4G/LTE services and provide users with seamless connectivity experience. It supports a maximum of eight active phones, enabling LTE network operators to offload traffic from the macro cell to smaller cells while providing better coverage indoors, behind walls and within buildings. This unit has been designed so that it fits inside the customer premises, thereby reducing clutter at home or in the office. 5G microcells allow you to extend the coverage of your wireless service, including mobile broadband LTE, by using small cells deployed at a low cost on existing infrastructure. The 5G microcell is a compact, self-contained radio base station that provides ultra-broadband wireless connectivity to mobile devices within its local area. It provides increased capacity, spectral efficiency and reliability by leveraging Software Defined Radio (SDR) techniques and with carrier aggregation capabilities. The 5G microcell is designed to provide your employees with a reliable and seamless connection to the latest generation of mobile networks. By using a small, wall-mounted cell that connects directly to a small cell on the back of your phone, you can enjoy fast data rates around the office. 5G microcells are a new type of macrocell small cells. Specifically, they are small-sized (approximately 30cmx30cm in size) and low power consumption. They are installed indoors in offices, hotels and other public facilities for use by multiple subscribers within the building. 5G microcells can achieve high throughput, low latency and high reliability with a wide coverage range.

Introduction to 5G microcell

5G microcell allows operators in the world to offer Gigabit connectivity to their subscribers with much lower frequency spectrum and without having to rely on Massive MIMO (multi-input, multi-output) antennas. 5G microcell is a revolutionary patented product that allows you to connect anywhere in the world with no internet access. It can be used for a variety of applications including wifi calling and VoIP, surfing the web, gaming and more. 5G microcell is a new type of base station for 5G. It can support up to about 10,000 connections within an area of up to 10 square kilometers. Our innovative 5G microcell technology is a miniaturized mobile base station that improves indoor mobile coverage by connecting to an outdoor macro cell. The 5G microcell offers a flexible and scalable offload solution for cellular heavy users. It automatically offloads heavy traffic, providing room for other lines of service with no impact to your business. The GreenStar 5G microcell is a mini-mobile cell site that provides the fastest wireless experience available anywhere.

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