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Introduction to 5G Labs

5G Labs is a place for academic research and innovation around 5G. The 5G development community will use 5G Labs as a home base to develop, test and integrate technologies for a next-generation wireless infrastructure. 5G Labs is the center of innovation for 5G technologies. At 5G Labs, we aim to support new business models and services with next-generation wireless communications by developing a spectrum resources and providing technology platform that can be leveraged by innovators and entrepreneurs. 5G Labs is an online resource for academics and industry professionals alike to learn about 5G technologies, facilitate research in emerging areas of communication networks. 5G Labs is a place to create, collaborate and explore what is possible with 5G. Whether you need to test new technologies, connect with customers or partners, fine tune your business case or train your team on 5G technology, we can help you make it happen. A 5G lab enables world-class researchers and students to collaborate on advanced 5G research, supported by the latest equipment and software. 5G Labs is an intellectual property holding company that develops, holds, and commercializes patents and patent rights related to 5G technology. It operates in the United States, Japan, China and Hong Kong. The company offers wireless communication devices that enable the transmission of data over wireless networks. 5G Labs leverages creativity and knowledge of radio technologies to provide clients with a customized engineering approach. We provide full design and implementation service of hardware and system software development. Our technical expertise and deep knowledge of 5G industry trends enables us to develop innovative and cost effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers today and into the future.” 5G labs are our showcase for you to experience the next generation of telecom and service providers – 5G. We’ll be showing you our latest technologies, which will meet the needs of your customers by improving capacity, reliability and performance. And we’ll give you a sneak peek at how 5G could transform the digital world and business models. 5G Labs, a division of Huawei’s CETC Lab, is a global, world-class research and development group dedicated to driving innovation in 5G networking. By integrating industry-leading telecoms technology with the best academic resources, we provide expertise across the entire 5G value chain from wireless access to edge computing. 5G Labs is a platform that brings together the leading European scientists, entrepreneurs and investors in 5G. The objective of 5G Labs is to uncover opportunities for creating new business models enabled by the next generation network technology and accelerate the development of 5G standards. 5G Labs brings an immersive, hands-on learning experience to the classroom with smart gear, artificial intelligence and robotics. 5G Labs is an online store dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in all things connected. With our parent company, Verizon Wireless, we have access to new tech at every turn around the corner. Our team works hard to find, track and review new devices that might be your next favorite thing, so you can be the first to know what’s out there.

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