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Introduction to 5G Antenna Outdoor

5G Antenna Outdoor is a 5G antenna with high gain and high efficiency. It is made of eco-friendly materials; also it’s easy to install and clean. You can use this product for most of your WiFi devices for wireless signal boosting. 5G Antenna Outdoor is designed to be used for 5G wireless internet, also called mmwave. It works better in the outdoors than indoors because it has a larger area of coverage. In addition, the plug and play design means that you only need to mount the antenna to its base then connect cables together to get it working. 5G Antenna Outdoor is an indoor baseband antenna with N female connector, and it also provides a stand as well. This 5G antenna is designed to apply in various locations and to improve the signal strength of your WiFi router. The 5G Antenna Outdoor is used for free-space optical wireless communication system. The latest beam pattern design technology makes the antenna coverage wider, the signal strength more powerful and the realized distance longer. The antenna gain is 8 dBi with a maximum output power of 20W, which can withstand high winds up to 80km/h. the 5G Antenna is designed for outdoor use in harsh conditions, and offers a high gain. It allows you to connect your device to our 5G network and enjoy high speeds that can reach 1 Gbps with much greater reliability than Wi-Fi. 5G antenna is an antenna specially designed for 5G base station terminal. It supports the design of high gain directional or omnidirectional and high working frequency from 3.3 GHz to 5.8 GHz, especially applicable in 5G new radio (NR) multi-user OFDMA and SCMA. The product employs a fiberglass reinforced plastic material for the foundation, which ensures its excellent radial flexibility as well as good mating performance with other related antennas. Parts for 5G Antenna Outdoor, the device can be used to receive the signal of fifth-generation wireless networks. 5G Antenna Outdoor is designed for outdoor wireless communication system, can receive signal from base station and deliver the received signal to wireless devices. It adopts high efficiency aperature and low noise design, which can enhance system capacity, improve signal transmission rate and extend service life. 5G Antenna Outdoor designed to operate in the frequency range of 24 GHz, 35 GHz, 39 GHz, and 41 GHz. With low cost full coverage and exceptionally wide end-fire pattern, it’s ideal for outdoor high power applications such as airport, base station and hotspot. The 5G outdoor antenna is a two-piece outdoor antenna system that works on the 5G LTE network. It delivers signal from the tower to your phone, and it also amplifies signal and provides Wi-Fi coverage at your home or business. 5G Antenna Outdoor is an innovation product. The features of 5G Antenna Outdoor are as follows: Wireless data transmission (WiFi/WiMAX network and so on); Fast broadband speed; Easy installation, no need to connect with a wire; Widely range of transmission distance. 5G Antenna Outdoor is an ultra-high frequency communication interface designed to handle high volume of data transfer capable of delivering a synchronous wireless broadband pipes services at internet scale. The 5G antenna is a key component of 5G networks. The 5G antenna outdoor can be used in various industries, such as building industry, utilities and roads or airports construction.

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